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Everybody seems to understand that astronomers do astronomy because astronomy is interesting. Why don't they understand that I do computer science because computer science is interesting? And that I'd do it regardless of whether or not it made money for anybody?

Donald E. Knuth

1 Contact Information

2 Research

2.1 Research Interests

  • The Lambda Calculus & Combinatory Logic
  • Programming Languages
    • Interpretation & Compilation
    • Functional Programming
    • Continuations & Control
    • Object-Oriented Programming
    • Computational Reflection
    • Threaded Computation
  • Automated theorem proving (Coq, NuPRL, etc)

3 Teaching

  • Introduction to Compiler Construction, Fall 2023
  • Introduction to the Lambda Calculus & Combinatory Logic, Spring 2024

4 Departmental duties

5 Personal interests

6 This website has a seriously drab look, that was outdated already back in the 1990's…!

  • While the look is drab, mainly because I know very little about graphical design
  • The website is generated from org-mode in GNU Emacs
  • Org-mode is powerful, and I've added support in GNU Emacs for typing in languages, so the combination of left-to-right language and ‮שָׂפוֹת שֶׁנִּכְתָּבוֹת מִיָּמִין לִשְׂמֹאל, או كِتَابَتْهَا مِن الْيَمِين إلَى الْيَسَار‬ is accomplished simply and accurately
  • The website is currently (as of 2023) being updated rapidly, and more material is added weekly

So please give the website a second look… ☺

Author: Mayer Goldberg (‮מֵאִיר גּוֹלְדְּבֵּרְג‬)

Created: 2023-09-21 Thu 23:33